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Introduction To My Fitness Blog "Skinny2Healthy"

Before I start, let me clarify it firsthand that I am not a body-builder or an athlete and I just don't have *HUGE* muscles on my body. This blog is definitely NOT for the people who are aiming those massive muscles or that WWE superstar/Fashion model look. My blog entirely deals with how you can gain your body mass in a healthy & natural way using proper diet & weight-lifting. It is not about huge gains, it is just about healthy gains :-)

Why would you need yet another fitness blog on the same topic when we have tons of blogs, websites & forums targeted at the same audience? Well, as you must have seen, most such blogs/sites have paid content for which you have to pay to see the *secret formula*. Other blogs/sites ask for your email address so as to spam you with their *magic tricks of building muscles fast*. Some others may have no content at all. I haven't paid for any such blog or site so I can't comment on their efficacy. They might actually have very good …

Your First Workout Program To Build Muscles & Get Stronger - Beginners (Workout B)

So, you have finally started your first workout to get stronger & build muscles. Now its time to tell you about Workout B that you will do on day 3. If this is not clear, please go back to the last post & read it thoroughly to understand it better. Before I start, please note that muscles don't grow when you work out. They grow when you give them proper nutrition & adequate rest. That's why 5X5 requires you to take a 1-day rest before you do another workout. You just have to do 3 exercises per workout session & take a 1-day rest. Then you do Workout B as I am explaining below.

Workout BSquatsIt has already been described in my last post. As you can see, you squat 3 days a week, every week. Keep on increasing weight once you have achieved proper form & confidence. But, do all 5 sets with the same weight on a given day. You will overload it after 3-4 months.

Overhead Press Overhead Press works your shoulders as primary muscle group & arm and abs as secondary…

Your First Workout Program To Build Muscles & Get Stronger - Beginners

So, we now know that compound exercises are the best bet for beginners. I am now writing about your first workout program that I have found the most effective & easy.

We will start with what is known as 5X5. It means 5 sets of 5 reps each. There is a website called which teaches this technique in a simple manner. I have followed this guy Mehdi & his routines have helped me achieve a good part of my physique (I am far from being a bodybuilder, but from 46 Kgs to 75 Kgs, I know I have progressed well). I am explaining this in a language that is a mix of both the contents of this website & my own experience. Please note that Mehdi or the site owner gives bloggers rights to link to his website. Read it here. I am not the kind of guy who likes to take credit for what doesn't belong to me. Enough said, let's start :-)

5X5 is the easiest & most effective workout routine for beginners & advanced bodybuilders alike. I still do 5X5 for my deadlifts &…

Which Workout Is Better For Beginners? Compound or Isolation?

Now that you have started to eat well, eat healthy & in proper quantities. You have either joined a gym or setup your own at home. You have the basic knowledge of how muscles are built & also the basic gym terms. Its time to finally hit the gym & start lifting. But before I proceed further, here are my 2 cents on which exercises should a beginner do so as to get maximum benefits & gains. This is entirely my opinion & is also backed by this Lifehacker article as well.

Beginners must start with compound exercises & not the isolation exercises. At least for first 3 months, they must only focus on compound exercises. Compound exercises will get you stronger & also improve your overall body. Its very easy to get lured into doing dumbbell or barbell curls (from all those movies & photos on fitness magazines) but they are isolation workouts. They will only work one muscle group. Isolation or combination of isolation & compound exercises is meant for advance…

Explaining Basic Gym Terms for Beginners

Hi There! Today I will explain a few gym terminologies you will encounter through out your journey to building muscles & gaining mass. Its important to understand these terms properly before you start lifting weights. I have myself been a victim of not knowing these things when I started lifting & it stalled my gains & progress. So, make sure you understand all these aspects so as to be able to get the maximum benefits. This list will be updated from time to time. I will also be writing separate posts for different common exercises & muscles involved.

FormThis is the most important part of any workout. Form means how an exercise is done? How weight has to lifted? What should be the position of your target body parts be like while performing it? It includes the upward & downward motion. Suppose, you are doing a dumbbell biceps curl. So, its form is to move only your fore-arm keeping the elbow motion-less by placing it firmly on waist or bench. If you move your full a…

Accessories For Your Home Gym

You have learnt how you can setup a gym at your home without spending much money. I limited that post to most important items of any gym i.e. free weights, rod & barbells. In this post, I will be writing about the accessories that you will be needing at home to lift properly & safely. So, lets start :-)

Ensure Proper Ventilation or  Cooling :-

If you can afford to have an AC in your home gym, its better. Otherwise atleast have a fan or cooler there. It might sound funny because everyone has a fan in every room, but my point is that keep your room/gym cool. Too much of humidity & heat is quite dangerous and it will also limit your intensity. I have a cute, little cooler and it helps me cool down properly :-) It also explains why I am against setting up gym on terrace. If its cold out there, its great. Otherwise its too dangerous to workout when its hot outside.

Gloves : -

While, I don't like to wear gloves while lifting heavy weights, their importance can't be undermine…

Setup A Gym at Home With Minimum Efforts, Cost & Investments

So you are equipped with some basic knowledge of how weight-lifting increases your muscle mass & now its time to start lifting weights :-) But before you do that, one question might be in your mind & that is what will you do if you don't have a gym near by or gym membership is too expensive or you just don't have time because of your hectic schedule? Should that be a reason for not lifting weights? Remember that eating too much calories & proteins without working out is waste of time & resources. It will definitely bulk you up but in form of fat & not muscles. And I know, no one wants a big belly & flabby appearance. So, you DO need to lift weights & for that you need a gym. Good news is that you can setup a small (or big, if there is space) gym at your own home!! And it won't even burn a hole in your pocket. You will not need any sophisticated machines & equipments to get in proper shape. Think of the comfort & convenience of being able…

Little Science Behind Muscle Building

Now that I have told how you can eat/drink more calories so that you can bulk up, its time to crank up a little bit & start hitting the gym or in other words, start lifting weights. We have all seen bodybuilders/athletes/models/actor lifting weights to gain their strength & muscle mass and get THAT look. But first of all, its important to understand how muscles are built. This is because, if you don't understand it properly, you will end up either under-training or over-training and that will drastically limit your gains. I have myself been a victim of lack of knowledge that kept me from reaching where I should have been. Otherwise, I would have definitely made much more gains in muscle mass & strength. That being said, lets discuss it.

There are around 650 muscles in human body. They are formed of small protein filaments, so you need enough protein for muscle mass. There is no surprise here ;-) So, how do muscles grow by lifting weight? When you lift weight or when you…